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Comments from Neal's students and satisfied customers.
Paul C. Behr, CAI
President / World Wide College of Auctioneering
At World Wide College of Auctioneering we use Neal's "Structuring Your Chant" series of videos, c.d's and tapes to train our students. Whether your a new or a journeyman auctioneer, these tapes will make you a better auctioneer.

Marty Rogers, CAI AARE / Conrad, IA
"I just had a chance to view Neal's new video. To say it's one of the best tapes - audio or video - that I've ever viewed is a tremendous under statement. Neal condensed this whole business of bid calling down to it's fundamentals -Statement, Suggestion, Question. The three-part chant has always been "Out there" for all these many years, but until Neal Davis came along it has been relegated to an "art form". Now, through your help, we can all understand that bid calling is a skill, and given the right tools, one we all can master. Any auctioneer, young or old, that wants to be a better bid caller needs this video. Thank you Neal, for all your work on this superb training video." 
- Marty Rogers, CAI AARE

Bob Metzger / Canaan Valley, WV

Mr. Davis,
I recently received your Three Part Chant CD and DVD and am working with it every day.
It's the best instructional video I've ever purchased. You're the best I've ever heard. I'm a retired Army officer and am also a volunteer firefighting line officer here in Canaan Valley, West Virginia. I've never attended an auction school, but have always been interested in how it's done.

I don't want to do auctions as a profession, however, we do have fundraisers here at my fire department. I have been designated as the person who does the selling of various items during our elimination dinners. My chief told me last April to "keep my day job", because I'd never make it as an auctioneer. Next time I plan to prove him wrong. He doesn't know I'm working on learning your method. If I could achieve 1/30th of your proficiency, I'd be happy.

Thank you for your time.
Bob Metzger
Canaan Valley Volunteer Fire & Rescue

Brady Hanson Auctioneers / Dayton, TX
"I don't think I can put into words how much your auction coaching has changed my life. The "Three Part Chant" is truly amazing and is the reason that I won the 2002 Texas State Championship. I look forward to visiting with you soon.....Thanks Brady"

J. Randall Bush, CAI
Chairman, Kentucky Board of Auctioneers

"I have known Neal Davis since 1988 and I can honestly say that I have never been associated with a better person. Neal is undoubtedly one of the finest auctioneers that I have ever had the pleasure of listening to and he is equally as good at delivering his message through his seminars. His recorded material is second to none. He has inspired me over the years through his teachings, my bid calling abilities have drastically improved. This is a must have for all auctioneers, not just the beginner. 
Thanks Neal!" - J. Randall Bush, CAI

Gary D. Cooper, President
Arkansas Auctioneers Association

"To merely say "thank you" seems an inadequate way to express our appreciation for the contribution you made at our bid calling seminar in November. With over 75 participants it was an outstanding success, due in most part to your professional reputation, not only as an auctioneer, but also as one of the premier bid calling instructors in America. I can't tell you how many auctioneers came up to me and said that our seminar was the most enjoyable and informative seminar they'd ever attended. Again, thank you Neal for all your help." - Gary D. Cooper

Mary Jane McAskile
"Thank you Neal for the instructions on developing my chant. The content was so rich and full of great steps helping me build my chant so it will sound the way I've dreamed of. I have never had a firm foundation to work from; but with your "menu" of phrases, I now feel that I am armed with an arsenal of wonderful words that naturally flow in rhythms. Your humor and patience are a fabulous asset in your teaching, along with your creative insight into what is needed in breaking a chant apart, then putting it back together in the best possible way." - Mary Jane McAskile

Structuring Your Chant
Now available in complete sets including, DVD, VHS, CD-Rom, Or order individually.

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